How to choose a right replacement laptop charger?

RE: Choose the right Power watt, right Voltage and right Dimension DC tip for your brand laptop. Or, you can send seller your laptop model specs for suggestion.

How to know the laptop Power Watt if it is not showed on the adapter?

RE: Power Watt = Voltage x Current; eg, 90w=19V x 4.74a, 65w=19.5V x 3.34a

Where to see the laptop model specs?

RE: Usually, laptop specs which include model type number is pasted beside battery or in front beside the keyboard.

If I buy an universal charger without right tip for my laptop, how to do with it?

RE: Please send email to Powseed support with your laptop specs for help. Do not return the adapter, what you need is just a right tip. Powseed will help solve the issue well for you.

Will a universal laptop adapter work with all brand laptops?

RE: NO! There are many kinds of laptop dc tips, Voltage requirements and Power watt. It is hard to melt all of them in only 1 adapter. So, you must buy adapter based on your laptop requirements.

Will 90w charger work for 65w or 45w laptop?

RE: YES if the DC tip dimension and voltage are the same. High power watt adapter usually compatible lower power watt laptops when the connector and voltage are the same.

Can I use a 90w power adapter to charge 135w laptop?

RE: NO! Lower power watt charger is not compatible with laptops that require higher power watt. Otherwise, the adapter will become hotter and be damaged because of overload.

If I have problems of purchased adapter, what should I do or whom should I contact?

RE: Contact support@powseed.com for help. We will response you at shortest time.

If my laptop does not recognize the power adapter or it does not charge my battery, how to do with it?

RE: Please check if your battery is broken. If the battery is in good condition, then please send your laptop specs to Powseed support for help.